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Originally started as Pyramid Window Cleaning by John Thurston in 1953 as a means to provide for his family of a wife and eight children after his time in the service.  Pyramid quickly grew to one of the most loved and well known commercial window cleaning companies in the Bay Area.  My Grandfather built the company on three main principles;

  • Building strong relationships and partnerships as opposed to the typical transactional type business.
  • Safety as a top priority.
  • Provide only the highest quality of service that can be provided. His motto was “If you can’t stand back proudly and point at the work you did saying ‘I did that’ then it’s not worth doing at all.”
     As his grandson and third generation business owner along with wonderful new partners, we have committed to keeping those same principles as our core values and continue to build on My Grandfather’s long standing legacy. 
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Nick Thurston

3rd Generation Owner

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Why Choose Century Pyramid Building Maintenance

What that means for you is that we care more about our relationship with you than we do about just making a quick buck. We want to be in business together for years and years.  We still have some customers that have been with us since the very beginning back in 1953! They are our friends now and we just happen to clean windows for them.  
We also still believe that the quality of our work along with top notch customer service and strong communication are at the heart of our core values and are what set us apart from the competition time after time. 
We are a people business more than anything. Our crew and our customers are a part of our family and we strive to do whatever we can to treat you right and make sure you’re happy and taken good care of.
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