Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

Professional window cleaners use high-quality equipment and cleaning products that leave windows sparkling clean with no streaks. They also have access to tools that reach hard-to-reach places that homeowners and business owners cannot. See our home page.

Ask your window washing company what is included in the price. Some include sills and tracks, while others charge an extra dollar per window for those services.

Saves You Time and Money

There are few chores that are more labor-intensive and potentially dangerous than cleaning windows. Professional window cleaner brings their specialized tools, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and safety equipment to the job and can get it done quickly and correctly. They can also help you spot other maintenance issues like ill-fitting windows, rotting sills, and broken seals that are difficult to notice from the ground.

Most professional window washers use a variety of cleaning solutions and squeegees that leave your windows sparkling clean without leaving streaks or lint. They will usually check for clogged channels, painted sashes, and other problems that can cause health or safety issues later. This can save you money on expensive repairs and could even save lives during a fire if a sash or channel becomes jammed. They will also wipe down each window with a dry, lint-free towel after they finish their work. This ensures that all spots and streaks are removed, not just covered up with more water or cleaner.

Removes Dirt and Debris

Professionals start with vacuuming and dusting the windows, frames, sills, and surrounding areas. This prevents dirt from spreading as the cleaner is applied. They use cleaning solutions that are effective on streak-free glass, and they also have a variety of tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

They may use a scraper to remove loose caulk, paint, and other debris. They also wipe down the window sills and frames to ensure that they are clean and free of any stains or drips. They make sure to dry the squeegee’s rubber blade between each swipe to avoid soapy water running onto the woodwork.

If your windows are especially dirty or stained, professional window cleaners can often help you remove stubborn marks with special abrasives that are available to them. They can also help you fix problems like sagging or broken window screens, and rotting sills and sashes. These repairs can often be completed on a same-day basis.

Prevents Damage

Even the highest-quality windows degrade over time due to wear and tear. Regular professional cleaning can extend their lifespan. Cleaning professionals use attachments and tools that protect the glass surface, frames, sash, and sills from scratching. They also know how to control the water pressure when washing exterior windows to prevent damage.

Dirty windows can erode the seals and cause fogging, leaks, and condensation. This reduces energy efficiency and leads to higher bills. It can also lead to mold and mildew. Clean windows enhance your property’s value and can help potential homebuyers envision themselves living in the home.

Window cleaners are specially trained to handle both residential and commercial properties. They can take on all types of windows, including those that require special care or difficult-to-reach areas. They can clean the windows on homes with more than one floor, and they have the experience to work safely from ladders and roofs. They also have the tools and skills to remove screens without damaging them.

Removes Bugs

Whether you’re dealing with dead bugs, powdery scouring cleaners stuck to the glass, or sticky residue from tape or labels, professional cleaning solutions can break up and loosen these contaminants, leaving your windows clean. They can also sanitize window frames and sills and remove hard water stains.

Besides looking great, clean windows are important for their function. Dirty windows can allow air to leak into your home or business, which could result in high energy bills. Clean windows, however, can keep the warm or cool air you pay for from escaping, while allowing natural sunlight to illuminate your space.

Moreover, professional window cleaners usually look for potential problems during their cleaning process. They check for broken seals, rotting sills, sashes that are painted shut, and other issues that can cause problems in the future. Addressing these issues early will help you save money on expensive repairs or replacements in the long run. Plus, it’ll also ensure that your windows will last longer. Check this out!