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For over 60 years Century Pyramid Building Maintenance has been the Bay Areas #1 choice for commercial and residential window cleaning.  From high rise skyscrapers to single story buildings we are your best choice if you are looking for a professional window cleaning company or building maintenance company you can count on.

We are a third generation, family owned and operated company which means we  provide you with decades of experience and also the personal touch you expect.  Our Mission is to  build long lasting relationships with a standard of excellence that comes from our old time values and our new school practices.

Our emphasis on communication, safety and quality workmanship has made us the window cleaner of choice to thousands of buildings.  Our dedicated ownership and management team make your experience with us easy and hassle free.  Competitive pricing coupled with the highest operating standards makes us your best choice.

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Nothing improves the appearance of your building and walkways more than simply removing accumulated dirt and grime. Learn More…

Professional window cleaning from high rise to single story.  Experience and competetive pricing.  Learn more…

Increase the efficiency of your solar panels overnight.  Maximize your investment and get the most cost savings possible.  Learn more…

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We have a wide range of other services to make your building maintenance needs easy.

  • Glass Scratch Removal
  • Window Caulking
  • Decal & Debris Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Bird Deterrent
  • Soft Washing
  • Entrance/Lobby Monthly Services
  • High Ceiling Dusting
  • Cobweb Removal

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing FAQs

It is not 100% possible to determine because the cleaning operation depends upon the size of the home. The cleaning duration also depends upon the window glass you have.

The size of home and windows look like factors determine the length of time. For example, the total time are taken for cleaning windows in and out for 1,800 square feet is about hours. Two hours are needed to clean the windows in the house completely, and it also depends upon the cleaners’ skill level. It may take more than two hours if and sunscreens, mirrors, or tracks are added.

If you are looking to clean windows in a large house (2,000sf to 10,000sf) with sills and screens and tracks, the maximum duration of cleaning this house can be all day. This is also depending on how many service technician come to do the work. Typically our company will send 2 to 4 service techs. In the case of a two-story or three-story home, the cleaning duration will take longer.

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Window cleaning may seem like an easy job, but it can be an extremely difficult job. Without any experience, you should never risk your life or your safety to wash windows. Ladders can slip and you may not have all kinds of safety equipment. Consequently, your time and labor will be wasted. You should always consider hiring professionals to clean your windows perfectly and precisely.

Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth It?

Streak-Free and Perfect Cleaning: Professional window cleaners know – how to provide streak-free cleaning! But, you may not know the right process. Hence, after hours of window washing, your windows may have multiple streaks.

Professional cleaners know – when to clean windows and how to clean windows. That’s why professional window cleaning will leave no room for complaints. Your windows will be perfectly cleaned. Professionals have the latest window cleaning equipment and knowledge for the right ratio to create a window cleaning solution. Additionally, they will clean your windows flawlessly, without leaving streaks or smears on your glass.

Professionals will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. If you have a large home with tons of windows, it would take the entire weekend to clean your windows. These technicians do these jobs every day, so they can clean your windows quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, hiring a professional will help you avoid risks. When washing windows, safety equipment is crucial. This means, if you don’t have proper equipment, or the safety knowledge for using ladders, then you should never attempt to wash your windows.

Windows are valuable to any home since it allows outside view and produces natural lighting. Dirty windows affect not only the aesthetic of the home and property but also the health of those who live in it. Window cleaning a key point in making your window last longer and making the space fresh, brighter, cleaner, and healthier. Here are the things that you need to prepare for window cleaning.

Exterior Windows

Clearing all access to the windows is necessary for exterior window cleaning. Enough cleared space is needed to set up and position ladders. Here are some things you can do that will aid in making your exterior window cleaning easy and safe.

  • SHEDS – If your shed obstructs one or more windows, it needs to be moved first so you or the professional window cleaners can safely access and clean the windows.
  • SHRUBS AND TREES – Cut back some shrubs or trees that you can see growing up against or even growing onto your windows. Trying to clean or access windows with huge shrubs close by it is dangerous and can damage your plants, windows, and the cleaner.
  • PLANTERS – All planters need to be moved away from the windows to leave enough space for the cleaners to get behind them especially if a ladder is needed.
  • PATIO FURNITURE – Furniture needs to move away from the sliding doors and windows. A 3-foot access area is needed to easily set up equipment and ladders. In addition to that, pet bedding, food dishes, and toy boxes also need to be moved away.

Interior Windows

For interior window cleaning, removing all decors and furniture off the windowsills like plants/planters, fragile decorations, and picture frames is very helpful and recommended. Side tables should also be moved away from the windows especially your delicate, fragile lamps since it is possible and easily tip over. Clearing objects around the window area and off the shelving from Garden or Bay windows in the bathroom or kitchen can also help access the glass easily. Smooth and fast window cleaning is attainable if you remove all furniture that obstructs access to your windows. Professional window cleaners can help you move larger furniture or items such as couches, large beds, or cabinets.

Info provided to us from a pro window cleaner, Luis Martinez, from Squeaky Services.

Word-of-mouth Recommendations

Surprisingly, finding the best window cleaners in The Bay Area is not as hard as it sounds. As a matter of fact, it is really easy if you know a few basic tips. For example, most would agree that one of the easiest ways to locate quality home maintenance related service is by word-of-mouth. By going on word-of-mouth, you can trust that others who have used a particular window cleaning company have had favorable results. With word-of-mouth recommendations, it is far less likely that you will encounter dissatisfaction or issues associated with the work performed. Having windows cleaned anytime of the year can greatly enhance the overall look and appeal of your home.

How Well a Company Performs

That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to this type of home care specialist. Just like choosing a plumber, electrician or lawn care maintenance professional, picking the right window cleaning company is important. Equally of concern is that of making sure that a company has a favorable rating with the Better Business Bureau. This information is widely available online and can give insight into how well a company performs overall. Whether it is customer service, pricing or the general quality of work, by checking the BBB you will have a much better understanding of what the company does in terms of quality and price.

Enhance the Quality of Your Home or Business

Finally, when looking for the best window washers in town it is sometimes just simply a matter of searching online and making a few phone calls. Calling around to two or three different companies and asking questions can prove to be quite fruitful. Nothing quite compares to talking with a customer service representative to get the overall feel of a particular team of window cleaners. When customer service is friendly and eager to help and offers a free estimate, you are typically off to a good start. Always remember that having your windows regularly cleaned can only serve to enhance the quality of your home and preserve its beauty. Contact a local window cleaner today to get your cleaning project started as soon as possible!

Windows should be professionally cleaned at least one time per year.

Windows are regularly exposed to droplets of condensation and dirt from the outside environment, which can lead to cloudy or dirty windows. If left unchecked, over time these particles will collect and build up on your windows, causing permanent damage.

A professional window cleaning company will help eliminate the growth of mold and mildew as they wash with special solutions that break down layers of grime without scratching glass. Professional cleaning typically includes removing screens and sills after a thorough power washing – this step is crucial in order to completely remove algae from window wells caused by water seeping over pools above ground level – otherwise you’ll continue to have an ugly green area around your windows for a long time!

-Thanks to Tom at TLC Window Cleaning Services provided us the information. Learn more here:

Yes, but not in the direct sun.  It depends on the weather conditions and difficulty of the surface. In general, it is best to clean windows when they’re wet because there will be reduced chances of streaks or water spots. However, it can depend if you are cleaning clear glass, tinted glass, or solar film (or other) coatings. It’s also better for more difficult surfaces such as insulated glass units because once a streak occurs in the coating it may not come off without scratching.

If you have access to commercial window washing equipment such as squeegees with soft rubber blades specifically designed for windows and mirrors, and powerful supplies of hot water at high pressure to avoid streaking on wet surfaces then yes you can safely wash your windows during sunny days.

-Thanks Byron at Ambassador Window Cleaning in South Carolina:

It depends. If you know what you’re looking for, and where to find it, and how the power of the sun affects washing windows, then yes – commercial window cleaners in Oakland can be expensive because of all that is going into getting the job completed; drive time, equipment, tools, and the labor required.

Remember to factor in your location within this answer. For instance, some cities are notorious for there high prices – which might make budgeting more difficult as oppose to some cities with cheaper prices. Keep this mind when price-budgeting a job such as window washing!

A great way to save money is by finding another business that is willing to trade or swap services with each other or do certain things in return for others like car detailing after window washing in order to lower costs overall – swapping services

-Excellent information provided to us from Tanya @

Yes, if you can.

Slightly less than half of all American adults tip cleaning and housekeeping professionals when staying at a hotel, but tipping is completely voluntary. I believe that we should support those who provide good service to us – while this may sound altruistic or another buzz word as economic stimulus (or some nonsense term); people need to live and feed themselves somehow. If you’re able, it’s a good idea to tip the window washer at your hotel or home building for washing their windows from time to time.

-Tropical Home & Commercial Services:

Our roof washing services will protect your home against harsh weather conditions and elements. It removes mold, buildup from moss, animal droppings and other pollutants that may have accumulated over time. In addition to this, roof washing promotes a healthier living condition inside your house in the form of reducing allergies through keeping the air clean. Roof cleaning will also improve overall property value when it’s done on a regular basis.

Thanks to Joshua from Nashville Roof Wash for providing this insight.

Hiring a business coach is one of the best ways to start up a pressure washing business. One way to find potential coaches that match your needs is by looking at their past successes; you can research other businesses they’ve helped grow on sites like LinkedIn.

As soon as you establish contact, set up an initial meeting with them, during which talk about your individual goals and what you want to get out of the coaching process. Then every week check in about progress (either over email or via video conference), discuss progress against goals, and brainstorm creative ideas for moving forward. Also be sure to ask any questions related to accounting, finance, organization, or hiring employees that may arise while working together.

Thanks to Brown’s Pressure Washing for this great advice!


A professional squeegee is the best way to wash windows. The quality of the squeegee blade will set it apart from other tools, so you’ll probably want to buy one separately. The key when window washing with a squeegee, pay close attention to smoothness and bending when applying pressure to the edges of the squeegee.

There’s no exact science for this, but in general scrubbing hard isn’t necessary; just go easy enough that you can feel that there are no raised areas or edges on the window itself before you stop scrubbing altogether. Rinsing well is also important because dirty water can often leave marks after it dries (and doesn’t stay off). If your window has really stubborn dirt or film, try using vinegar mixed with hot water for a little more cleaning power.

This information was provided to us from: Glass Act Pro Wash window cleaning in Palm Beach, FL.

Windows should definitely not be washed in direct sunlight as it will cause enormous and unsightly streaks and possible damage to the window. According to most home improvement experts, windows should only be washed when the sun is at least two hours away from setting, has already set or is coming up on morning with a side of fog. On these occasions most windows will not be affected at all by the light.

With that said, if you’re desperate enough to need your windows cleaned now then there are steps you can take before washing them. Use lots of water and adding vinegar will help from evaporating so you can have enough time to squeegee them before the sun dries the glass.

*This wonderful information was provided to us from Chuck at HMS Window Cleaning in Buffalo New York.  You can visit website by clicking here.

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