Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Does cleaning your solar panels increase efficiency?  You bet it does!  Just take it from Google!  At their Mountain View headquarters, they have a 1.6MW solar panel installation.  They did their own extensive research on the efficiency of their array and the energy that these panels produced before and after cleaning.  They have a couple different types of panels.  The first time they cleaned the panels after being in use for 15 months, their energy output doubled overnight.  They cleaned them again after eight months and their output increased by 36 percent.

Cleaning your solar panels is the #1 way to increase their efficiency and energy output.  Your investment will be paid back that much faster if they are kept clean.  It doesn’t take a scientist to determine that the more light hits your solar panels, the more power they will generate.

At Century Pyramid we offer the safest, most efficient way to clean your solar panels.  Every day your panels are dirty, the more money you are losing.  Get a quote today.

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